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Live report: G.O.D. 01 at Osaka Orix Theater 10/10/2012

So me and six_ugly (who you might know better as kyouminai/trauma-radio @tumblr) just got back from the live and I'm shaking and kind of jetlagged and otherwise confused about time and life but here is a live report!


SE: Diplosomia/XI mix
Gabriel on the Gallows
Venomous Spider’s Web
Clever Monkey
Suicide Circus
Dripping Insanity
Kago no Sanagi
Headache Man
Required Malfunction

Tomorrow Never Dies
Silly God Disco
Swallowtail on the Death Valley
Linda ~Candydive Pinky Heaven~

Kantou Dougeza Kumiai

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let's start from the bottom

live report: THE DECADE

Note: I've seen people quoting what I remember from the MCs on tumblr and twitter and whatnot, but please don't trust my memory too much on this. My Japanese isn't that good and keep in mind that this was written 5 days after the actual live too...

So I'm back in Norway from my short trip to Japan, and I present to you: the shittiest live report ever written. I usually don't do live reports, but I promised nekoyuki I would this time, so here you go. ( ´_ゝ`)

I went with _hakushi and we_can_dive, and later met up with quarrions, make_me_ramen, six_ugly, yoroshikubitch, inuashley813 and some other people. Thank you all for a fantastic day ♥

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Signing session report (2011.09.04) 戒・れいた・葵

Hello everyone!
Today I'll bring you the long promised signing session report! ヽ(●′▽‵●)ノ
I'm really not good at writing these things (which is why I usually don't), but I thought that even if it's not all that interesting to other people, it's a nice memory for me and something I can look back at in a couple of years and be happy for writing down as I tend to forget details of things after a while.

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I'm running on my 42nd hour without sleep and counting (it wasn't really intended, it just happened LOL) I was supposed to go to bed at like 4am, but then I was just gonna check if I'd sold anything on Aion... Yeah. I logged back on to skype around 8 and asphaltene was still online to work with her project. Which she was bored of. So we kinda ended up drawing half-drunk nonsense on sketchpad.

Oh yeah, there are some references to the Reita interview and the tightness of Ruki's trousers.

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